The NFT Project for Those That Want to be a Part of the Future of Human Collaboration

An opportunity to be optimistic about the future

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    Membership Collection Coming October

    About The Art

    3 animals by 12 different artists

    The Octopus


    The Bee


    The Ant


    Our NFTs are made by 12 different artists from around the globe. Each artist made 5 different versions of the art, the detail and difficulty of which increased the higher the rarity. This is not a generative project, but a chance to own uniquely detailed hand crafted digital art. Click to see all the different artists' work.

    This Collection is for those that want to be involved in the DAO and collaborate towards a better future

    NFT Owners are elegible for airdrop of $VALOR governance Token when it launches

    About Valorize

    Our Membership Roadmap

    You can also buy an early access to our product in an NFT now!

    Diamond NFT
    .5 ETH

    • Token launch in our platform
    • Access to the Valorize Admin Dashboard for a 2 year minimum
    • Conversation with tokenomics expert to define token *
    • Priority Customer Support
    * We will guide you through what is possible within our platform, and help you make the right decision on parameters such as minting schedule, distribution, initial allocation, etc.

    Mycelia NFT
    1.5 ETH

    • Token launch in our platform *
    • Access to Valorize Admin Dashboard for a 3 year minimum
    • 5 hours of consultation time with tokenomics experts
    • Premium Customer Support for the first 3 months guaranteed.
    • Define project parameters, deliverables, KPIs and next steps
    • Draft of tokenomic distribution portion of technical communication (whitepaper, blog post, etc...)
    • * Depending on token scope after our consultation.

    Silver NFT
    .1 ETH

    • Token launch in our platform
      (Usual Price 0.3 ETH)
    • Access to the Valorize Admin Dashboard for a 1 year minimum

    Our Product Roadmap

    Product NFT +
    Membership NFT =

    Cynics have a home in every bar, every institution, every family has them, as does every comment section online. We don’t often get an opportunity to be unapologetically optimistic in a world that is drowned with pessimism.

    This is a call for all those that want to be optimistic about the future. All those that want to build something better, and those bold enough to believe that they can make it happen. Join us and let’s be bold together.

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